Glory Glory Hallelujah!

Spending an evening of public holiday wondering what would happen to the Angry White Americans, a.k.a. Trump Supporters, when (rather than “if”, one hopes) their man loses.

Thoughts meander to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, 1859. Well, John Brown was certifiably a nutter, but at least a half of the nation supported his principles, if not the methods, and both sides were ready to, and did, lay down their lives to prove the point. Can’t say the same about Don’s Mob, surely.
Come to think of it, John Brown had the 19th century equivalent of benefit gig: a popular song in his honour, although it was pirated (yet so masterfully) by Julia Ward Howe. She would have been a Hillary supporter, old Jules… probably a militant one, too…
With Son back in UK, I seem to be misusing my free time.

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