Another Plan



先日、某団体の勉強会に出席してAI/IoT/Big Dataの講義を聞いてきた。


最近のアメリカのエンタメ界ではAIのテーマが花盛り。「Westworld」のリメイクはその一つの頂点だが、今年の後半にはこの分野の草分け的「Blade Runner」の続編が公開される。スカジョが少佐を演じる「攻殻機動隊」の実写版もこの流行りにのったものという一面があるとおもう。






US, Japan risk China’s ire courting Taiwan ahead of Trump-Xi summit

Thank you, the People’s Daily HK Edition, for pointing out the obvious… oh wait, it’s a Bloomberg article, copied and pasted, with a different headline.

Elsewhere… “Ivanka Trump – the US president’s new China charmer-in-chief“. This one seems to be written by their staff writer.

“Mainland state media have also been quick to heap praise on Ivanka, including a strange tweet last month from Xinhua that compared her face with that of Chinese actress Li Bingbing.”

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 7.52.00 AM

Charming… but one of them is security-cleared for the Executive Mansion, lest we forget.

Death, Tax and Self-Interest… all unavoidable

I can almost hear the wailing voice of the “global elites” with addiction for low income tax…

“No, no, no… we can monitor Tokyo from Hong Kong/Singapore… I mean, it’s temporary… I am sure.  Besides, the big story is still, and will always be, China. Yes, yes, I know… but I have always told you it’s a long-term investment (till my retirement fund is big enough)… What?  Oh… no, my Mandarin is still poor but I have a good local team… trust me…”

Japanese equity business outstrips Hong Kong

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 7.36.05 AM