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O The Economist…

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With a minor change in the title between its printed edition and on-line one, an article about the difficulty of legislating for the developing business sector has turned into a critique of our national character (and… size?).

I hope the newspaper is getting something in return for this and that it is worth their while.

Bigger Than That

As the main promoter of CPTPP and the rule-based global trade policy, which underwrites peace among the nations, Japan cannot bow to the pressure to move towards haphazard bilateral trade agreements or, more to the point, personality politics, which seems to sustain both the president and these media talking-head types attacking him.

Statecraft is greater than Trump, Putin or even Emperor Xi.

Legacy. What is a legacy? It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.”

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Historical Perspective (Note to Self)


1860年3月、咸臨丸でアメリカに渡った福沢諭吉が写真屋の娘、Theodra Alice嬢と撮ったツーショット。