Bette Davis as Theresa May and Marilyn as Ivanka

“The general atmosphere is very Macbeth-ish. What has or is about to happen?”
“Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy night.”




#BrummieRevolution (What’s the point of hashtag, I ask myself, when the concept is so obscure!)

The sage of Birmingham



The new prime minister’s speech to the Tory conference in October (in Birmingham, as it happens) should be a Chamberlainite symphony. Renewal, a think-tank founded in 2013 to promote working-class Toryism, is emerging as the new regime’s brains trust.


Mr Timothy’s analysis of his party—that it can appear not to “give a toss about ordinary people”—is accurate. The Cameroons’ brand of modernisation owed too much to noblesse oblige, to a vision of society that treated the welfare state as the institutional equivalent of giving one’s gardener a Christmas bonus.


Twisting ARM

After Brexit, techxit?

Compared to certain smirky cynicism at the time of Nikkei’s takeover of FT, the British media is somewhat muted about this more significant sale from their collection of crown jewels.  I would blame it on the journalists’ myopic bias: the events in your own professional environment appear larger than its actual size.

It’s a Brexit bargain sold to the British public as a vote of confidence in the aftermath.

Hopefully, the political spin does not blind the newly formed government from the need to preserve the tech-nerds’ ecosystem and keep it safe from the mob rule.