For the record…

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US, Japan risk China’s ire courting Taiwan ahead of Trump-Xi summit

Thank you, the People’s Daily HK Edition, for pointing out the obvious… oh wait, it’s a Bloomberg article, copied and pasted, with a different headline.

Elsewhere… “Ivanka Trump – the US president’s new China charmer-in-chief“. This one seems to be written by their staff writer.

“Mainland state media have also been quick to heap praise on Ivanka, including a strange tweet last month from Xinhua that compared her face with that of Chinese actress Li Bingbing.”

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Charming… but one of them is security-cleared for the Executive Mansion, lest we forget.

Glory Glory Hallelujah!

Spending an evening of public holiday wondering what would happen to the Angry White Americans, a.k.a. Trump Supporters, when (rather than “if”, one hopes) their man loses.

Thoughts meander to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, 1859. Well, John Brown was certifiably a nutter, but at least a half of the nation supported his principles, if not the methods, and both sides were ready to, and did, lay down their lives to prove the point. Can’t say the same about Don’s Mob, surely.
Come to think of it, John Brown had the 19th century equivalent of benefit gig: a popular song in his honour, although it was pirated (yet so masterfully) by Julia Ward Howe. She would have been a Hillary supporter, old Jules… probably a militant one, too…
With Son back in UK, I seem to be misusing my free time.

Mr. 3,000


Whilst Ichiro’s march towards 3,000 hits in MLB continues, it would behoove well to remember who the original Mr. 3,000 is.  (Especially under the current political climate in U.S.A., if I may be so bold to suggest!)

There are a lot of similarities in their respective style of play.